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True Sex &
Wild Love Podcast

Dr. Wednesday Martin
& Whitney Miller

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My podcast with Dr. Wednesday Martin, bestselling author and human sexuality expert is an open-minded discussion of love, sex and relationship in the modern world. We feature world renowned experts and regular individuals with unique perspectives on human sexuality. The podcast debuted #1 in Health and #52 in all podcasts.

#27 Aubrey Marcus & Maria Chavez: The Intersection of Sexuality & Plant Medicine

Guest co-host, Aubrey Marcus, and Whitney sit down with modern day medicine woman, Maria Teresa Chavez. Maria is the former Therapeutic Director of Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center in Mexico. She…

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#26 Your Open Relationship Road Map with Dr. Zhana

If you have ever been interested in exactly how open relationships work or why casual sex isnt something to be ashamed of, this episode is a must listen. Dr. Zhana…

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#25 Sex & Modern Day Magic with Mia Magik #25 Sex & Modern Day Magic with Mia Magik

What is magic? What is sex magic? What rituals can you do with your period blood? Welcome to the world of modern magic and sexual embodiment with Mia Magik. Mia…

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#24 Cults and Consent with Vanessa Grigoriadas

Vanessa Grigoriadas is an awarded investigative journalist, mother, and author of Blurred Lines, a deep dive into what consent actually is and how it is impacting our sex lives and…

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#23 Psychedelics, Polyamory & Masculinity with Kyle Kingsbury

We love Kyle Kingsbury and think you will too! This former UFC fighter is redefining what masculinity looks like in our world today. He takes his shirt off (you are welcome!), talks…

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#22 “Decriminalize Sex Work”? with Jessica Raven

Jessica Raven and DecrimNY are committed to supporting all those who trade sex. And to addressing the fundamental issues–homelessness, institutionalized racism, and homophobia among them— that push many young people…

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#21 Cheating and The New Monogamy with Dr. Tammy Nelson

Dr. Tammy Nelson is a sex therapist, podcaster, and paradigm shifter. Her concept of “The Monogamy Continuum” has helped countless individuals and couples rethink their wants and relationships. Tammy believes…

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#20 What You Don’t Know About Porn with Erika Lust

Ever asked yourself,  How is the porn I watch made? Are the performers treated well? And is all that squirting real? What about the orgasms? Are you tired of porn…

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#19 Are Your Fantasies Normal with Dr. Justin Lehmiller

Do you have sexual fantasies? Well enjoy those things, because they’re completely normal! But what are the most common sexual fantasies, and what do they tell us about ourselves? What…

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#18 We Had Sex with Dr. Emily Morse

If there is one person you want to sit down and talk sex with its Dr. Emily Morse! We were a little star struck when the OG of sex walked…

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