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#21 Cheating and The New Monogamy with Dr. Tammy Nelson

Dr. Tammy Nelson is a sex therapist, podcaster, and paradigm shifter. Her concept of “The Monogamy Continuum” has helped countless individuals and couples rethink their wants and relationships. Tammy believes that everything from “you can’t look at porn because that’s a betrayal” to “you can have sex with other people, but you and I are primary” are versions of monogamy. And that monogamy is a daily, difficult practice that we must commit to, like yoga, if we want it to work. In “When You’re the One Who Cheats,” Tammy takes a compassionate view of one of our culture’s favorite villains–the “cheater” in an infidelity scenario. She tells us that unless we have compassion for everyone, we’ll never learn why relationships fail–and how to make them work. She also gives us advice on handling criticism, pushback, and haters when you’re a woman living life on your own terms. Tammy is funny, out there, smart, and feminist AF. We love her and know you will, too!

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