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True Sex &
Wild Love Podcast

Dr. Wednesday Martin
& Whitney Miller

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My podcast with Dr. Wednesday Martin, bestselling author and human sexuality expert is an open-minded discussion of love, sex and relationship in the modern world. We feature world renowned experts and regular individuals with unique perspectives on human sexuality. The podcast debuted #1 in Health and #52 in all podcasts.

#17 Why I Am Unfollowing You with Komal Kapoor #17 Why I Am Unfollowing You with Komal Kapoor

Komal Kapoor is a thoroughly 2019 poet and storyteller: Her medium is Instagram. Her work (including Unfolllowing You, a book of poetry published earlier this year) tackles love, lust, and…

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#16 How To Be A Boss In Business and Love with Miki Agrawal & Andrew Horn

If you look up “boss” in the dictionary you will find a picture of Miki Agrawal as well as her husband Andrew Horn. They have built disruptive multi- million dollar businesses…

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#15 Live From an All Female Sex Club

Ever wonder what it’s like to go to a sex party…with no men allowed? Bisexuality awareness advocate and Skirt Club founder Genevieve LeJeune is here to answer allllll your questions….

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#14 The Secret Life Of Mormonism with Kate Kelley

Kate Kelly is a New York City based activist and lawyer, vocal proponent of the ERA, and former Mormon. She was excommunicated from the Mormon Church in 2014 for apostasy…

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#13 Sex Is My Job with Vivienne

Did you ever fantasize about hiring an escort… or about being one? Sex workers bring joy, connection, touch, and passion into our lives. Who are the women who choose sex…

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#12 Sexuality Without Shame with Aaron Alexander

This podcast is as flexible, funny and educational as the master of movement himself! Aaron Alexander, host of the Align podcast and gifted bodyworker sits down with us to discuss…

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#11 Being both Successful and Sexy with CEO Julia Haart

Julia Haart is a feminist changemaker in niches notoriously difficult for women—fashion and modeling. As the new CEO of Elite Worldwide, she believes every model should be respected as a…

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#10 From The Classroom To The Nightclub with Victor P Corona PHD

Dr. Victor P Corona is a sociologist at California State University in Los Angeles.  A prolific writer, Victor has been published by Vice and authored his own book called Night…

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#9 Open Relationship From Experience with Amanda Bucci and John Romeniello

There are very few couples in the public eye like John Romaniello and Amanda Bucci who are willing to be completely transparent about the inner workings of their unconventional relationship. …

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#8 Harnessing Pu**y Power and Owning Pleasure To Change Your Life with Mama Gena Thomashauer

Regena Thomashauer — the one and only “Mama Gena” — is a radiant teacher goddess and best-selling author, mother, media personality, and founder of the School of Womanly Arts. This episode…

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