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True Sex &
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Dr. Wednesday Martin
& Whitney Miller

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My podcast with Dr. Wednesday Martin, bestselling author and human sexuality expert is an open-minded discussion of love, sex and relationship in the modern world. We feature world renowned experts and regular individuals with unique perspectives on human sexuality. The podcast debuted #1 in Health and #52 in all podcasts.

#7 Lewis Howes-Beyond “breaking up”: Exes, embracing failure, and Manifesting New Love

Lewis Howes gets into it. How do we handle jealousy? What does it mean to be masculine? Do we need a new word to replace “break up”? And the healing…

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#6 Bryony Cole – Everything you need to know about Sex Tech

Sex Tech is coming! How can it improve your life? Would you do it with a sex robot? What about a dirty talk tutorial from an app? Bryony Cole, a…

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#5 Jason and Katie Ellis – Reviving the Institution of Marriage

Jason Ellis is a Sirius XM radio host, former pro skateboarder, and competes in mixed martial arts–as a hobby. Jason and his beautiful wife, Katie Ellis, join us to dive…

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#4 Dr. Amy Parish – Bonobo Expert

You may know that bonobos are closely related to chimps—and humans. You may know that they are considered “the sexy ape’ because they use sex to dispel tension and create…

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#3 Latham Thomas

What’s a doula? The beautiful and brilliant Latham Thomas is on a mission to help women take charge of their bodies, their pregnancies, their birth experiences, and their sexualities. In…

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#2 Aubrey Marcus – Open Relationship from Beginning To End

Relationship coach Whitney Miller and Onnit founder and CEO Aubrey Marcus were in a relationship for seven years. For five of those years, they were “open.” What’s it really like…

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#1 True Sex and Wild Love with Whitney Miller and Wednesday Martin

True Sex & Wild Love is an open-minded exploration of love, sex, and relationship in the modern world.  Hosted by best-selling author Dr. Wednesday Martin PHD and relationship coach Whitney…

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